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Welcome to the community!

We want to be your number one resource for information regarding your community and the management of your HOA. Our staff at Empire Management Group is here to help you with anything from understanding your dues and how to make payments to informing you of the your next community event!

Things We Do + Don't Handle

Your Community Website Portal

Being part of an Empire Management Group community means you also have access to a community website portal.

This site make it easy for you to:

Your website portal is a great place to make quick and convenient online payments. You can even set up a recurring payment and set it and forget it!

Your account ledger is detailed and clear. You will have access to all the charges and payments you make to your association, and access to your current balance. 

There are times you may need to know what your community documents say about a certain topic. Instead of trying to find them, we keep them organized and accessible on your community website in the Documents area. 

Your community will post updates on your website if something is happening in your community or with one our systems. They may even post upcoming events and community news!

If you happened to receive a friendly reminder of a compliance issue, you can view the details on your website portal, comment, submit an updated picture of the issue, or just check that it has been closed after it was resolved.

HOA Dues

You probably know your HOA has dues,
but do you know where your money goes?

Register Your Account Now

Don’t forget to register online where you’ll be able to view your documents,
calendar and pay your bills. Plus much, much more (woohoo).
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