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Are you dealing with any of this?

  • Management company does not communicate with you?

  • There is no response to your inquiries?

  • Are there delays in your community project's completion?

  • Is your company not committed to the community's needs?

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    Are you getting a slow response or even a complete absence?

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    Are you feeling frustrated by your management company's performance?

  • customer service icon

    Financial errors or delays?

  • phone icon

    Do you feel it is more of a hassle than you should?

We Hope Not, BUT...

If any of these sound familiar, your management company may need to be updated.

Click Let’s Get started! Don’t forget to check out our website if you have any questions.

So, Who Are We?

Empire Management Group is a refreshingly different community management company that offers real solutions to real problems in all types of communities. Since 1993, EMG has been helping communities get rid of inefficient community management.

What We Do

Our customers are very satisfied with us & we can assist you in all aspects of community management.

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Homeowner Help

Chat, email and call resolutions available for your community

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Financial Clarity

Real time financial reports, located on your homeowner portal.

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Project Management

There is more communication and effort into managing your projects.

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Manager Training

Managers are educated and trained to produce high-quality assitance for your community

How We're Different

Although we don’t want to brag, we have figured out a few things over the years. We work hard, we work smart, but we stick to our three main values.

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Quick response to calls and emails. Access to the Advocacy department via chat. 

Our top priority is you. All emails and phone calls will be answered within one business day. We will respond quickly to your questions and solve them efficiently. We keep everyone informed by giving regular updates and transparency about financials, pricing, and bids. Our team of communication specialists is here to help you. We offer homeowners real-time solutions, which homeowners can access online, by phone or in our local offices.

customer service icon

Customer Service

Consistent service and technology for your community and boards.

Your homeowners and board will be provided with consistent service and smart tools.

We know that you care about your community. We also care about them. We offer world-class customer support with extended concierge hours and online homeowner assistance. These processes ensure that everything runs smoothly and is consistent. Managers cannot work with more than one community to build lasting relationships with the people they serve.

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We hire qualified, well trained professionals, to work along side your board and community

We only hire the best, and we train them well to become your employees.

We are very good at managing community's. Each member of the team is an expert in a specific job, and not an expert in all. This ensures you always have someone who is knowledgeable about the topic. How do we maintain such high standards? We carefully select the people we hire, and we take great care of our employees once they are hired. Every employee receives top-notch training at work. 

Our work is as good as it gets because of the passion our employees have for their jobs.

We also offer technology solutions that are industry-leading that homeowners will love.

Why We Do It

Short Answer:


Longer answer:

We are passionate about helping homeowners and boards. We consider ourselves a customer service company that also services your community.

When Can We Start

Right Now!

Once we have gotten to know each other and made sure that Empire Management Group is the right fit for you, we can start right away. Our dedicated transition team makes the transition to Empire Management Group easy.

Board Knowledge at Your Fingertips

You can sign up for our newsletter to get to know us better. Also, check out our free Board training program to learn simple tips about HOA management.

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Board Class Registration

Register now for no cost knowledge and tips about being a board member.

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