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Common Property Improvement Types
That Require A Submission:

Are there any other instances when I will
need to submit a property improvement request?

Please submit a request if you are modifying or repairing anything on your home or in your yard, even if you are replacing using identical materials.
Your community CC&Rs will outline any exceptions that can be made for submission.

Click Below to Complete the Property Improvement ARC Form


Architectural Changes Information

ARC forms are needed if you are making a request for an exterior modification to your home or property. The requirements or guidelines for these ARC changes are usually listed in the your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). Your community documents can be found in the Documents Folder in the Documents tab of your community portal, and your association’s ARC Form and any additional guidelines will be found in the ARC Folder in the Documents tab.

Reviewing your association’s CC&Rs and any additional guidelines is a good place to start when requesting an exterior change. Your application (ARC Form) will need to include documentation depending on the change you are wanting to make.

Some of the documentation you may need to gather to submit with the ARC Form:

  • Color swatch for paint with name, brand, etc.
  • Example of roof tiles/pavers, or any other item that will be visible.
  • Style or detail of fences (color, type, size)
  • Lot Surveys with project drawn on the survey (including dimensions of project) Please mark survey where the project will take place.
  • Landscaping details such as types of plants, location, survey/drawing.
  • Location of water treatment units and buffers that will block them for view if applicable.

If you do not include ALL necessary documentation for the change, your application will be delayed or denied.

To submit your ARC Form and documentation, simply fill out our online application form. If you have any questions about the form please send us an email to: arc@empirehoa.com

Your ARC/ARB Committee for your community will review your ARC Application and issue an approval or denial for us to process and send back to you in the form of an email and an attached letter. The committee has 30* Days to review your application. It is reviewed in the order it was received, and is included in the next ARC Meeting for the community. This can take the full 30 Days depending on the time you submitted the application, whether it was complete when submitted, as well as when the ARC Meeting dates are within your community.

If you have not received an email stating the status of your ARC Application from arc@empirehoa.com, then your application is still in REVIEW Status and is still Open. Once our ARC Department receives the Approval/Denial response from your association’s ARC Committee, your approval/denial will be processed and sent.

If you have received a Violation Letter from your association manager for an ARC change without approval and you:

  • Have received an approval letter for this change: Please email compliance@empirehoa.com and send them a copy of the approval letter that was issued to you for the change stated in the violation. Our compliance department will be able to work with your manager to get the violation reviewed and closed if applicable. 
  • Have NOT submitted an ARC Form for the change you made to your property: Please submit an ARC Application with all documentation required for the change that you made to your property to arc@empirehoa.com. Your association’s ARC Committee will review your application and the changes you made and approve or deny them. If changes are done prior to approval or denial and they are denied by your committee, you will be responsible for restoring your property back to its original condition or submitting a new ARC Application with modifications for review. 

You can find ARC Applications for your community in the Documents tab on your community portal in the ARC Folder. 

If you received an email stating your ARC application was denied, you either
  • Did not send the correct supporting documentation for the requested change. In this case, the ARC Department should let you know what documents were missing via email and you can resubmit your full application with the correct documentation for review.

  • Your application was complete and reviewed by your association’s ARC Committee and was denied for the reasons stated in the Denial Letter. Based on the denial and depending on the change, you will either not be able to make the requested change or must make modifications or take other considerations and resubmit the application again with a change request that falls within the ARC Guidelines of the community.
Please Note: Empire Management and your association manager do not set the guidelines for your association’s architectural changes or the factors involved in whether an ARC is approved or denied. These guidelines are set by your association documents and guidelines.
All ARC forms are available on your Homeowner Portal. If you are not yet registered, see our How to Register for your Homeowner Portal Article.

Once signed in to your Homeowner Portal, you can go to the Documents section of the portal. Your ARC Forms and any guidelines your association has provided will be available in the ARC Folder.

Download and fill out the ARC Form and submit it to arc@empirehoa.com with all necessary documentation. Documentation required will depend on the change you are requesting. You may need to include a survey, color swatches, brands of pavers or roof shingles, etc., or vendor estimates. To ensure a complete application, include all information necessary.

Note: Incomplete applications will be denied and the process will restart when the correct information is received.

Color Schemes, Shingle types, Pavers, Fence Specifications, or other guidelines may be found in the Documents section of your Homeowner Portal, in the ARC Folder.


You can log in or register for your homeowner portal here, go to the Documents section and Click on the ARC folder.

Once a completed ARC form is received by the ARC Department, the application is processed and sent to the ARC Committee for your association. Most associations’ ARC Committees meet regularly to review and approve or deny applications in the order they are received.

Note: The ARC Committee has 30 days to review applications. Processing times can vary depending on volume. Once the committee makes a decision, you will receive an approval or denial letter via email.
Once the ARC Committee reviews your application and approves or denies it, you will receive a letter via email from arc@empirehoa.com to inform you of the decision.

Note: The ARC Committee has up to 30 days to review your application.

Here are the steps your ARC Application will go through once we receive it:

  • ARC applications are reviewed as they come in within 24-48 hours to determine if the application is complete with all documents/requirements.
  • If the application is incomplete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know what information/documents are missing in order for their application to be reviewed. 
  • If the application is complete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know that their application was received and is being submitted for review and that the Board/committee has up to 30 days to make a decision (some have 45 days).
  • The Board/committee will notify Empire Management Group of their decision on the application after review.
  • Once Approval or Denial status is provided to EMG, the homeowner is notified by email within 24-48 hours.

You’ll Need to Submit an
ARC Application if You Are:

Updating Your
Home’s Look

Ready to give your home an updated look?

This is exciting! The first step will be reviewing your community documents and CC&Rs.

Your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) will usually include the requirements for exterior modifications. then you will need to fill out a property improvement (ARC) form to get your exterior improvement project approved.

Some of the common improvements that need approval are painting, installing lights, solar panels, fencing, gutters, new landscaping and more. Access your HOA’s website to view the CC&Rs or download EMG’s App for your smartphone.

Something New

Are you looking to improve your landscaping? Are you thinking of building a new house? Do you have an interest in building your own shed outside? Are you wanting to make outdoor living more enjoyable with a pool, screen enclosure, patio or playground?

The architectural review committee must approve homeowners before they make any changes to their property. This is required in community documents. To avoid any problems with large-scale purchases, it is important to get approval early on in the project planning process.

 You can submit your design plan documents down below. A representative from the ARC Dept. will contact you to discuss the next steps, and any additional community requirements.

Any Damage

Even with regular maintenance, the Florida weather can cause damage to your fence and exterior of your home. Everyone in the community should seek approval from the ARC to repair any damage that occurs using the CC&Rs (your community documents).

Empire Management Group and the architectural review committee in your community are committed to helping homeowners quickly repair their homes and make any updates to their landscaping.

Even if you’re using the same colors and materials, and you want to replace them in the same location on your property and home, you must submit an ARC form. You will need to request approval for any changes. Before submitting, make sure to review your documents and CC&Rs and include all necessary items.

manny the manatee mascot holding a ruler next to a drafting table

Review your documents!

Group 6

Review your community documents and any ARC Guidelines by accessing the Documents area of your Homeowner Portal.

Group 6

Review approved colors, materials, specifications of certain changes by reviewing the ARC Folder in the Documents area of your Homeowner Portal.

Group 6

Gather all the documents needed for your application to be considered complete.

  1. Lot survey showing location/dimensions
  2. Vendor plan showing project details unless doing it themselves
  3. Sample photos of material
  4. A photo of the area where project is being done

    Some projects may require more documentation. 

Next Steps in Submitting a Property Improvement Request


Submit a request form found on homeowner portal to the EMG ARC Department- please gather all supporting documents (lot survey showing location/dimensions, vendor plan showing project details unless doing it themselves, sample photos of material, and a photo of the area where project is being done). Some projects may require more documentation. 


Applications are reviewed within 24-48 hours as they come in to determine if application is complete.

  • If application is incomplete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know what information/documents are missing in order for their application to be reviewed. 
  • If application is complete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know that their application was received and is being submitted for review and that the Board/committee has up to 30 days to make a decision (some have 45 days). 

The Board/Committee will review the application to determine if the improvement meets the architectural rules/guidelines established for the community and follows the aesthetic of the community.


Once the Board has made and submitted their decision to the ARC department, an approval/denial letter will be sent within 24-48 hours via email (USPS Mail if there is no email address).


The homeowner may begin working on their improvement after they have received an ARC Approval letter. The ARC Approval letter is valid for 90 days from the date on the approval letter.

Ready to Submit a Request?
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