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Did you get a Courtesy Letter?

Simply follow the directions in the letter and your community manager will close the violation on their next inspection of the community. Received more than one notice? Follow the instructions in the letters on how to resolve/correct the non-compliant issue. If you need to propose a date of resolution, or have more questions, click below to contact our Compliance Department.

A violation or non-compliant issues is a condition of a homeowner’s property that has been noticed or reported, which does not comply with your community’s Declaration of Covenants, The Declaration of Covenants of your community include CCRs (Conditions & Restrictions). Your community documents and CCRs are available on your homeowner portal and viewable in the Documents area by logging into your account. If you are not registered for your homeowner portal, you can register here.

A courtesy notice is provided to a homeowner to identify a concern or non-compliant issue that has been identified during a community inspection by your community association manager. It is the first notice and a friendly request to gain compliance to help keep your community aesthetic and property values. There are no fines or further enforcement associated with the Courtesy Notice. If the issue is addressed, the violation will be closed on the next inspection* of your community.

*Inspections usually occur every 14 or 30 days, but may vary depending on your community.

You received a violation letter to bring to your attention that something regarding your home or property is in violation of the CCRs (Conditions & Restrictions) and/or the Bylaws of your community. Violations are generated and mailed after scheduled inspections of your community*.
All you need to do is fix the
non-compliant issue and the violation will be marked Closed on the next inspection of your community.
Please be aware that some communities charge fines after a certain number of notices are sent.

The violation will be closed on your account after the next inspection of your community if the non-compliant issue has been resolved. There is no need to call our offices and report the resolution of the violation. If you need additional clarification, you can email our Compliance Team at compliance@empirehoa.com. You can also view the status of your violation by logging into your Homeowner Portal. You can log in or register for your homeowner portal here.

If you have already resolved the violation/non-compliant issue, there is no reason to dispute the violation.
The violation will be closed after the next inspection of your community. However, if you would like to reach out to our Compliance Team for more information on your violation,
you can reach them at compliance@empirehoa.com.
Please be sure to include the property address, the name of your community and the date of your violation.

A fine will only be assessed to your account if your community has a fining policy. The letter you receive will state any fines that may occur before they are assessed. You can review your community documents in the Document area of your Homeowner Portal. You can log in or register for your Homeowner Portal here.

Simply resolve the violation and it will be marked Closed after the next inspection of your community. You can view the status of your violation in your Homeowner Portal under Account Information > Violations. You can log in to or register for your Homeowner Portal here.

If there is any reason that you find the violation unable to be cured by the next inspection (usually within 14-30 days), you can reach out to our Compliance Team at compliance@empirehoa.com and discuss a timeline for resolving the violation. Your account will be noted.

Most of the time, if there is a plan in place for resolution, your community will work with you on resolving the violation and bringing you back into compliance. You can reach our Compliance Team at compliance@empirehoa.com to make an extension request. You should provide a specific date/timeline on when you will be able to come into compliance. If any additional information is needed, someone from our team will reach back out to you.

To see the status of your violations and view the letter and picture (if one was taken), you can log into your Homeowner Portal, Go to the Account Information drop down menu and click on Violations. You will be able to see the details of your violation (letter and picture) and comment or send an attachment (picture) to our compliance team. 

Once you comment or send an attachment, our Compliance Team is notified, and your account is noted automatically. 

Note: You will not receive an “answer” to your comment or attachment unless you request one in the Comment and provide your email there. 

Your community is inspected every 14 or 30 days (these timeframes are standard but may vary per community) by your Licensed Community Association Manager to enforce the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs) of your community.

To view your community documents, 
log in to or register for your Homeowner Portal and go to the Documents area of the portal.

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