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We're here to help you begin the process of completing urgent repairs as fast as you can.

Are you looking for routine, preventative or permanent repairs to your lot? Do you need to replace or repair a portion of your house or lot because of storm damage? Before you begin any repairs, make sure to get approval from the review committee of your association.


Empire Management Group will work with your Board and Committee to provide fast processing for storm-related damage. HOAs that use our One Touch service can often receive identical replacements within one day of submission.


Your board can sometimes waive approval requirements when a storm causes widespread damage to a community, provided certain conditions are met.

All requirements are met. However, this is a case-by–case process that we have found to be very rare. Your board will communicate with you and other homeowners about next steps if your community falls within this category.

What repairs are eligible for ACC approval?

* Replacing a roofing.

* Repairing broken facias or other damaged items or damage to the exterior of your home’s appearance.

* Window replacement or upgrade

* Repairing or replacing broken or damaged items broken fences

Next Steps in Submitting a Property Improvement Request


Submit a request form found on homeowner portal to the EMG ARC Department- please gather all supporting documents (lot survey showing location/dimensions, vendor plan showing project details unless doing it themselves, sample photos of material, and a photo of the area where project is being done). Some projects may require more documentation. 


Applications are reviewed within 24-48 hours as they come in to determine if application is complete.

  • If application is incomplete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know what information/documents are missing in order for their application to be reviewed. 
  • If application is complete, an email is sent back to the homeowner letting them know that their application was received and is being submitted for review and that the Board/committee has up to 30 days to make a decision (some have 45 days). 

The Board/Committee will review the application to determine if the improvement meets the architectural rules/guidelines established for the community and follows the aesthetic of the community.


Once the Board has made and submitted their decision to the ARC department, an approval/denial letter will be sent within 24-48 hours via email (USPS Mail if there is no email address).


The homeowner may begin working on their improvement after they have received an ARC Approval letter. The ARC Approval letter is valid for 90 days from the date on the approval letter.

Ready to Submit Your Application?

When you select the property improvement type you need in the form, improvement specific information needs will pop up. We want to help you by gathering the information your HOA’s review committee needs to approve your request, fast!


Not all property improvements have the same required supporting documents. By tailoring the needed information and documents we can efficiently help the committee determine if the request meets to the HOA requirements for that type of request.


While we try and gather all needed information in one go, we may need

To reach out to you for clarifications or additional details during the review process. HOAs may also require that review fees, deposits or other forms are collected.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


Within one business day of your request, your request will be processed and loaded into your homeowner’s account. We will reach out to you by email to confirm that your request was sent for review and give you a time frame for the committee’s decision. It is easy to view the status of your request online, or on Empire Management’s App.

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