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Serving as an EMG Board Member?

We’re glad you’re back! Login for your exclusive Board Access and updated information on your account.

Looking for Better Communication
and Service for your Community?

At EMG we believe that well-supported board members are essential to the success of any community. We recognize that behind the scenes a lot of dedication is volunteered to ensure a better community for you and your neighbors. With our commitment to communication, education, expertise, and customer advocacy we can support you in creating lasting solutions for your community.

A Different Approach to HOA Management

Empire Management Group currently serves HOAs, COAs, CDDs and Developers in Central Florida and the surrounding areas, but with a desire to serve communities and a willingness to push our boundaries, we may be planning to be in your area soon.


Just let us know where you need us!

What makes EMG different?

Homeowner Advocacy

We turned our Customer Service Department into a Homeowner Advocacy Center. Gone are the days of feeling “you” vs. “them”. We come alongside our homeowners and work to find the information, explain the process, or connect them with the right people to help resolve their issue. We are committed to closing the loop one homeowner at a time.

Financial Transparency

Because every dollar counts! We chose a management system that makes it easier for homeowners and board members to view updated account information. Your Homeowner Portal gives you immediate access to budgets, financials, and real-time account ledgers to make your association funds trackable and clear. Still have questions? We will be here every step of the way!

Board Trainings

New to the board? We believe a well-educated board is key to a successfully functioning board. We would rather you start off right, so we offer trainings for Board Members. These trainings ensure that a board understands their role, the guidelines surrounding it and that they have the opportunity to ask questions. The result is a confident board that is ready to make the big decisions!

Customized Communication Plans

The communication needs of every association and every homeowner are different. We meet those needs with Customized Communication Plans. Newsletters, eblasts, resource libraries, FAQs, and Calendars are just a few ways we can communicate information to your homeowners.

About Empire Management Group​

Empire Management Group is a client-focused community association management company with over 25 years of experience in Central Florida.

Our company was created to handle all types of residential and commercial property management services.

Our scope of services and expertise include developer, home and condominium association management, as well as specialized accounting services. Excellent client customer service is our number one priority.

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